Focus R 48 Dynamic Single Edge Safety Razor
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Ordering & Payment Wet Shaving Forum RomanCart: View Cart Edwin Jagger Shaving Brushes New safety razor from Focus. For use with any halved DE razor blade. Lightweight anodised Aluminium with a pivot head. 2-piece razor with a 100 mm long handle. Weight 33g. Supplied with 5 Gillette Platinum blades, in a card box. 100% Made in Italy.
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£45.00 (ex.VAT 37.50) Focus 100% Made in Italy R 48 Dynamic Single Edge R 48- 2 Gold  R 48- 3 Blue  R 48-4 Green  R 48- 5 Red  R 48-6 Black  R 48-7 Silver
£21.90 (ex.VAT 18.25)
R 49 Razor Stand Solid Aluminium stand for the R 48 Dynamic razor . 60 x 40 x 20 mm (h). Weight 109g,  Supplied in a card box. 100% Made in Italy.